Cave Voices

We don’t know starlight
so long here in the dark
Stay—the labyrinth is safe
quite safe! The monster gone
long and long ago
I didn’t mean to say We
I am quite alone

I follow the thread of her voice
her singing in earth-heart
how unlike the glass-chime
grinding of the spheres
in my clockwork daylight
more like breath of stardust
life-ember hum

The labyrinth is endless
and no cheating death

The thread of her voice
all stardust echoes stilled

The monster is still here
rumbling, low and long

17 thoughts on “Cave Voices”

  1. How is it we think so alike? I am all about living in caves these days. Some posts coming on that.

    This is lovely — are you thinking of Ariadne? That is what came to my mind reading. I love what you have done with echoes of thoughts bouncing around – kind of like echoes of sound in a cave. Really nice.

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  2. This takes my breath away. Truly a masterpiece. One of those poems that makes me think I should give up writing poems and just read yours. I love the voice, the switching of directions and speeds at the end of the first stanza – almost intimate, as though the speaker drops some pretence and really speaks from the heart. I read the monster as that dark place in everyone’s inner core – self doubt or worse. Really powerful!

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    1. Thank you. ❤ NO!! Thank you. Ooh, I like that. Thank you.

      But seriously, this comment is right now being tucked away in my happy file. Such a glow to get this kind of feedback, especially when I feel a piece has fallen together well. 🙂 Super appreciated.


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