Like a mythic island
rising from the mist
for just one moment
on waking I saw
the stone high towers
of a castle, my tall window
framing that heart-familiar view
before mystic shapes resolved
into these quotidian
dawn-lit trees


Making this little poem claim to work hard for Day 24. NaPoWriMo prompt: mix and match high-flown and mundane language;  Poetic Asides prompt: lost and found.

10 thoughts on “Choices”

    1. Yes, I didn’t do that part very well. “Quotidian” is the only word I chose for its high-flown-ness.


      1. I didn’t use this prompt since I don’t like the idea of segregating words into good words and pretentious words. They are all ‘good’—it’s context that changes, and in a poem anything goes, so I don’t really see how you sort them. I think you possibly had that problem too.


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