How to Ruin Your Feet as a London Tourist

Because it would be uncool
to wear the happy shoes—tennies
with a dress—you go for the red.
They’re German, surely made
for walking. You’ve trod the cobbles
uphill and down, but this endless maze
of pavements, well. Short glory of grass
in gardens, a cool fountain longing
but tick tock: castles, galleries galore
museums, shopping, the M&M store.
By the time the big red bus drops you
who knows where, your feet are gone
and dreaming of green hills at Dover
how the Romans built all those roads
in sandals, the sea at the bottom
of every white cliff


NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 19 is a “how-to” poem. Poetic Asides asks for a cool or uncool poem.

15 thoughts on “How to Ruin Your Feet as a London Tourist”

  1. I was sure I’d commented on this… in any case, I love your tone here. Just brilliant, and that smartly-placed “well” made me smile, as did your thoughts of the Romans building in sandals. That final thought of the sea at the bottom of those beautiful white cliffs was a lovely way to wrap it up.

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    1. It occurred to me later that sandals are very impractical for that kind of work, and I’m sure the Romans were practical. 🙂 Poetry first, history second!

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