Woodland Theme

silent beneath the trees, green
and brown, purple, yellow
and green again bright as sun-gleam

vines trailing last year’s wisdom
in leathered leaves and new
shoots of upright quivering

possibility, periwinkle stars open
or coiled for some tomorrow
no one sees but me

and you


NaPoWriMo Day 18. Off-prompt after a sun-filled, flowering weekend.

8 thoughts on “Woodland Theme”

    1. Thank you. I should have posted a picture I took while I was studying my backyard periwinkles (vinca vine). I’ll get it off my phone one of these days.

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  1. Periwinkle are among my favourites! In my mind as I’m reading this, I’m imagining the corresponding pictures and I can almost smell the fresh earth. As I’m sure you would expect, I love the “quivering possibility” line break, also the “vines trailing last year’s wisdom” line.

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