How profound we sound
with a ring of truth due to

stacks of letters behind our names
and piles of publications

lavish layers of authority, churning
of trite-tired words, but learning?

The world is flat
now that we know it all

our fleet of paper vessels set to sail
en masse, right off the edge


A “doubles” poem for NaPoWriMo Day 15, also borrowing from the word list prompt at Poetic Asides.

4 thoughts on “Double-talk”

  1. Scathing and so true – great social commentary. Those last two stanzas are particularly fabulous – the concept of the world being a different kind of flat and the image of all those paper vessels.

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  2. Oh, yes. How many times I have asked myself these questions. Sometimes, I hate what passes for knowledge in my world — how it comes to be, what legitimizes it, who holds it and how they use it. I hope it was a relief to write this. It was certainly a relief to read it!

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