Greening Again

We’re greening all over again
bulbs, birds unceasing, even dogs
having turned the corner on winter, with the trees

I round the trail’s corner, begin
to notice birds in the four-eyed tree, frogs
singing greenly in the reeds, all nature plain-meaning:

bend your head to the tree-sigh of still north-rooted breeze
catch the corner, quick, of golden sun in all this greening


My first-ever san san for NaPoWriMo Day 14.

5 thoughts on “Greening Again”

    1. The form was pretty daunting first thing in the morning–it took me a nice long walk and some sunshine seeping into the brain before I could take a crack at it. 🙂 I do like these forms with repetitions built in, though. Makes kind of a dreamy quality, I think.

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  1. I love this, especially the north wind on the edge of it all – exactly how it sounds and feels sitting here in the sun, with a cool breeze at my back. Beautiful form – I’d never heard of it before and I do want to try it but I’m feeling very un-poetic today.

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    1. Strangely, when I am feeling at a loss, I like to have the frame of a form. As long as I can come up with a topic. I tend to resort to nature a lot. Ha.

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