Sunflower etc.

First, sprout
unfurl earth-sharp
then sunward surpassing
belief: any whispered seed might


NaPoWriMo Day 8 prompted us to write a flower poem; Jane’s weekly challenge is to write a cinquain.


17 thoughts on “Sunflower etc.

    1. Thanks, Jane. I love cinquains, but it is a challenge to feel like you’re packing in meaning without being too elliptical.


  1. it does seem like the title to your poetry book tells much about how your voice would sound: an acknowledgement of what came before, even in ruins, is still grand. and your morsels of pens never disappoint ~

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  2. There is something about seeds, whether literal seeds or the unseen yet approaching spring, that seems so full of promise and brightness and hope. I like your split line of “sunward surpassing / belief” – you always manage to manipulate words to mean so much more than they would at anyone else’s hand.


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