Cruel Enough

this sun-cracked
droop of fading flowers
bleached blue sky:
even Earth is bored, yawning
and everything needs a prop
in the heat

(so we round up
kids and stuff
them into desks
sleepy, sweaty, restless
for the first breath of fall)


NaPoWriMo Day 4, Which is the cruelest month?

17 thoughts on “Cruel Enough”

    1. Thank you. This prompt tapped the right spot–compared to the past couple days–I just sat down and started scribbling. (Maybe it’s easier to complain?)

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    1. Yes! And I was trying to be fair–maybe it’s not so bad where I live now–but I grew up in South Texas and have a lifelong abhorrence of August!


  1. Yes! That cruel twist at the end, especially. I considered writing about the brushfires in South African summer but still love even that too much…and ended up with an equally love-the-cruelty poem. I think I’m a sucker for discomfort.

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    1. Now you make me laugh! I would like to read that brushfire poem, though, when you’re ready. And it can be a love poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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