Dear Oberursel

April, I remember nearly time
for roadside stands, Spargel
Erdbeeren, the apple orchard leafing

bees stirred, wildflower dreaming
beneath the Taunus, bicycle flood
forest brookside trail unfrozen

muddy with dog bark and bird call
cars parked anyhow
along the garden-plot fence

and the Kirche hill windy, chill
blue sky above, red-roofed lanes below—
forsythia, crabapple budding

just like here, daffodils golden
singing, but how different
to feel a thousand years, more

with my fingers and at my feet
and how could that not make me
your devoted and ever-longing


For NaPoWriMo Day 3, a fan-letter poem to the town where we lived while in Germany.


12 thoughts on “Dear Oberursel

    1. I just know I didn’t get to stay there long enough. I enjoyed walking through the streets again in memory and am glad you liked it!

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  1. I could feel the cool wind beneath the blue sky and see the haphazardly parked cars (“cars parked anyhow / along the garden-plot fence” – love this!) and I could sense the sense of time and life having moved on. Very evocative – and reminded me of Ireland!

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    1. Yes, that sense of history and steep narrow streets and crazy parking…and maybe the fellow-feeling that part of your heart is lost in another place.


    1. Thank you, Jane. I’m glad you got that feeling from it…I just had such pleasure wallowing in my memories for a bit.


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