New New Year

Pruning. Like that post-
Christmas relief of clearing
out decayed decorations
all the fading fluff
and glittery lights
that cheered us through
winter’s dark—

Now branches are blunt-
cut, monochrome sculpture
stark, open to the sky.
This year, I intend
to watch the leaves
unfurl, to know the gift
when it’s given


15 thoughts on “New New Year

  1. Yes. We are on day 75 of winter and only 17 more to go until spring (I know this because of the small landscape giveaway, not because I really want to see some spring! OK, maybe so.

    There is always something sad about holiday decorations out of season. I think they look embarrassed.

    This poem captures just how I feel. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for seeing something in it! We’ve been fortunate to have good weather over the past two weekends…feels so nice to get out there and clearing away.


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