The Quest Is

In your dream you slept
by the riverbank
and not out of spite
I changed your love
into a flower, simple
bluebell in the forest
swaying daisy in the meadow—
one of a million light-sung flowers
in the hundred greendeep forests
in the thousand sunflood meadows
and how will you find love now
and what if love remained
deep-rooted, rain-thirsting

11 thoughts on “The Quest Is”

  1. Magical imagery and phrasing. Love love love this one! I really like the idea, too, of changing love into a flower – the eternity of its connection to something bigger, yet the singularity as well. “light-sung” is so you and perfect, as is “greendeep forests” and “sunflood meadows” and “rain-thirsting.” And I like the almost non-existence here of punctuation; it adds to the feeling of infinite existence. Years from now there will be a university course focusing on the Knoblock style I’m convinced! 😉

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