the imperfect is our paradise

our patch of sky
alive with dust distant
particles signal-bounce
the old stellar question—
(how much does the universe weigh)
days/nights we youngsters
learn to navigate
these heavens
all at sea all
over again

Musing over/playing with different inspirations: this article about radio bursts from distant space and this article about naval navigation. Title borrowed from this article about spelling.

9 thoughts on “the imperfect is our paradise”

    1. The astronomy articles are always interesting, but sometimes the language the reporters use is unexpectedly poetic. I’d love to see where this one takes you!

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  1. In the end, we don’t know so much. Makes me think of some of the questions my youngest asks. The latest one was ‘how many things are there in the world?” Mind you, yesterday evening my husband asked me if wombats could fly. Male logic—bat=creature with wings.

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