She will chain the moon, pull it out
of season. Ice-shadows splinter
with green-breath promise to end drought.
She will chain the moon, pull it out,
strip autumn’s flaming throne to flout
nature’s sleep, hushed healing winter.
She will chain the moon, pull it. Out
of season, ice-shadows splinter…

A painting-inspired triolet for Jane’s weekly challenge.

12 thoughts on “Misguided”

  1. I read this and thought how lovely and clean and easy a form. Then I read the explanation for writing a triolet. Obviously it was you who made it *seem* effortless – very impressive! I love that you focused on the moon when there were other more obvious parts of the painting, and your repetition and rhyme, with the shift in the repetition at the end, works so well! Stunning.

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    1. Aw, thank you. I think it’s one of those forms where the explanation is more complicated than the form itself. This is the first time I tried to follow the rhyming rule, which definitely makes it harder for me.

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  2. The repeated line is so dramatic and evocative. After I read this a couple times, I wondered if it belongs in your Rose-Witch series. And then I saw you had tagged it. Nicely done.

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