Have you heard

the sound of an old dream dying
a sighing, distant muffled drop
to the bottom of a deep, deep well?
Well. With great politeness bred
of long association, it won’t
let you near its helpless rage;
its shadow song is always
alone, padding softly
down long twisting halls
away from the stone-closed door

16 thoughts on “Have you heard”

    1. After I wrote this, I read an article (via Quiet Revolution I think) about being afraid of success. Got me thinking (more).


  1. I also love your use of “well”! I’ve read and re-read this, unable to comment due to poor bandwidth but that has allowed me to keep ruminating. There is such a melancholy for me when I read this – the angst of the loss of dreams, of hopes and plans we’ve let go because of the other things in life that get in the way. Maybe it’s ok that this happens, maybe not, maybe it’s just the way it is.


    1. I think there’s a real grieving process. To make a very long story short, I was thinking of a writer friend and her struggles with a certain dream, and of my own (ultimately freeing) letting go of another certain dream. How we convince ourselves there is one particular road to happiness, and what the consequences of that belief can be.

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