20 thoughts on “I-44, Dec. 27”

  1. Jennifer – seems odd that you were traveling just a few miles north of us as the waters rose that day. We watched as the lake encroached into the meadow and onto the road, felt relief that our home was safe but for others in our communities, a day of tragedy and suffering. A lovely remembrance of the day.


    1. Even though we drove through torrential rains from Dallas through Oklahoma on the 26th, we really had no clue what kind of flooding was going on until later. Apparently we were just ahead of the interstate being closed in places. That one flooded road just stuck in my mind–trying to imagine how people were being affected.


    1. This one surprised me a little in what came out–I had been wanting to write about this but it was pretty blobby until I tried to fit it into 42 words. 🙂


  2. Love the way you’ve made this image you had into something more! I keep jotting down similar highway views from my travels but am never sure how to roll them into a piece. Yours, as always, is a great example!

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