Daffodils in January

two centuries since Humboldt
we’re still wrecking earth’s balance
forcing nature to our needs

(my natural need for warmth
told by breath of bright color
gracing gray winter window)

Flowers yearn, hungry as humans
else why their open throats, singing
colors arching to the sun?
There is a clamor here
a desperate pick me.

I have been reading Andrea Wulf’s book about Alexander von Humboldt, The Invention of Nature. Also keeping forced daffodils (and hyacinth) in a pot.

21 thoughts on “Daffodils in January”

    1. I’m about halfway through–a really interesting read so far. He was so famous in his own time, and knew many of the “greats” of his age, including Goethe, Joseph Banks, Humphry Davy, Thomas Jefferson, Simón Bolívar…the list goes on.

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  1. Wonderful poem.

    Does remind me of time during my “environmental activist days” when I jokingly told a potential new roommate that I was also part of the PLF — Plant Liberation Front — who believe that plants should be free to grow in the earth and spend our time taking potted plants and re-planting them outside. Unfortunately the person believed me, and my two other roommates had to calm the person down that I wouldn’t be releasing her plants back into the wild.

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    1. What a great story! It is true that putting plants in pots in my world is a death sentence…they are much happier for me out in the wild of my yard. 🙂

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  2. One of my grandmother’s early autumn activities was potting up bulbs for the new year. There’s something primal, I think in wanting to have growing things, especially yellow flowers, by us during the dark months.

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