Studying Layers of Earth

We have the outer core and the inner
mantles, types of crust—and before
you start to wonder if this is about mothers
(generations of mothers), I’ll tell you it is
about boiling beneath a surface, how we push
on each other until it makes mountains
how the old begins to feel crumbly
and the young is under water, tons
of pressure. The earth is always birthing
and love can be shaped like earthquakes
or fossil-stone, fissured for steam.
I lie when I tell my daughter
she won’t need these details again.
It keeps coming up—the earth—
in middle-night musings
in rubbish metaphor

13 thoughts on “Studying Layers of Earth”

    1. Thank you, this means a lot! True story, I got the initial idea when my daughter forced me to study science with her last night, and I kept referring to her construction-paper diagram this morning. 😀

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  1. Families. So much going on there. I love those last 2 lines the most (it’s not a rubbish metaphor, of course, and there’s something quirky and introspectively self-conscious in the way you’ve crafted that last line especially).

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    1. Oh, thank you. I did worry, later, that those lines didn’t quite fit. And maybe they don’t, but if you like them, that’s good enough for me. 🙂

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