A Correspondence

Dear backyard birch, Even without your leaves
you are still lovely. The blue-jewel lantern-light
sets off your bare branches. (It runs on solar power.)

Dear human, I am not one for jewels; my power
comes from deep hum of the earth, my open leaves
in strong sun. You wreck my winter sleep with blue light.

Dear birch, If it bothers you, I can take down the light.
Though it makes me happy to see its glow, a hint of power
to get me through this long season without leaves.

Dear human, Leaves, light or no, I will be here, rooted in power.

Imagination tickled by this article about emails between people and trees.

17 thoughts on “A Correspondence”

    1. Thank you. I guess it’s natural to see trees as wise and dignified. Maybe I should imagine a silly tree, one who really wants some sparkly lights…


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