30 days. I undertake
to unmake the world
stitch it up in new patterns
modern, sleek, formal, antique.
You ask for a frock, a cloak
give me time to refine—
but I’m sewing in the dark
one stitch forward, two ripped out—
I have only this shapeless shroud
a cloud of blank(et), pilled-up
full of holes

Having fun with this prompt from Quickly.

13 thoughts on “Bespoke”

  1. Wow! Love your word use – blank(et)!! And the visual of sewing in the dark, one stitch, two ripped out is so clear – I imagine an old fashioned woman in the dark universe sewing at planet Earth. And the title -it is perfect with the piece. It clearly works to embrace the negative sometimes – how true all of it.

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    1. Ooh, I like your visual of the woman sewing at Earth!
      Thanks for your kind words on this one. I was staring blankly at the page for quite awhile, then it all came in a rush.

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        1. I wake up with ideas–or get them just as I’m falling asleep–and tell myself I’ll remember until the morning. Haha. Never works. The next-best thing is to write before sunrise and hope my brain is still somewhere close to dreamland. 😉

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