Too Early to Tell

Time was
I put on gloss
and polish, finishing
touch—a mask
for what rattled
undone, inside.
Best face forward
(all turmoil is let be).
Who are we
to each other
beyond gloss and polish?

Today’s PAD prompt is to write a memory poem. I got distracted by the cosmetics ad (with a bright tube of lipstick) that popped up at the edge of the screen.

10 thoughts on “Too Early to Tell”

  1. You really do have a powerful knack of capturing emotional states so precisely in only a few words:
    “a mask
    for what rattled
    undone, inside.”

    The choice of “rattled” here is particularly startling: unexpected and yet particular, it seems suggestive of an actual object – pills, perhaps, with all sorts of possible connotations.

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    1. Thanks very much for such a thoughtful comment. When I read this later in the day (I had written in the morning), I wondered where that word “rattle” came from. I like it when that happens. 🙂


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