Suburban Tech

Dear Sirs, you’ve lost control
of your traffic. These platoons
of driverless cars, routed
from the highway
and through my yard?
There are ghosts enough
in the concrete rows
of former cornfields—
the sky too blue
the clouds too white

Inspired by PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 10, technology/anti-technology and by this article about the future of transportation.

12 thoughts on “Suburban Tech”

        1. Yes, the surface “perfect” that is actually vacant inside. Maybe that explains my lifelong, weird dread of those long suburban streets under blue puffy-cloud skies…

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  1. I really like this poem. You know, I like suburbia, and I’m comfortable there, but the driverless cars is a great image of how I see a lot of people around me – they are driving the cars, but they are not really there, they aren’t anywhere. This poem gave me a lot to think about.

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    1. So many things struck me about the news article–some absurd, some a little frightening. I’ll be thinking about it for a while. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!


  2. I dunno – I’m a fan of big blue skies stretching from horizon to horizon, as far as I can see. I hope I never think that they are too blue.
    This poem inspired a lot of contemplation. Wonderful.

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