Winter Hearth Ghazal

Dark—though all the world sleeps, long
I strain to hear blackbird song

Your wings winter-folded, soft-
swept snow, river-fog blurred song

Locked into memory, green-
forest days spinning word-song

By berry bramble, your wings
covered all desire, spurred song

Unsung, for better or worse
by this cold hearth, unstirred song

Now dawn-white shadow gathers
plaintive dream-note—unheard song

My first attempt at the ghazal form.

24 thoughts on “Winter Hearth Ghazal”

  1. I read this incredibly amazing poem before I leave the house to run to the store. I say I will respond on said breathtaking poem when I return. When I do return there is a beautiful comment on my blog from writing of said piece.

    I really enjoyed this. Kudos for making this style work for you.

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  2. The rhythm of this poem felt like a floor gymnastics routine: the warm-up, the steps across the mat, the flip and the landing on the word “song” each couplet. I love “green-/forest days spinning word-song” and “winter-folded.” I feel like you should teach a class on creative hyphenation.

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