Young Woman Seated at the Virginals

Daily I dress and sit, touch these keys,
nimble fingers bent to practice a song,
pray music could come from this desire

to sing out strong. What more could I desire
than to sit corseted, cosseted, pressing keys,
waiting for the world to praise my song?

Beneath silken shell a heart beats in song
while I grow old in daily habit, desire
mounting—to shatter this case and its keys.

(Why do I sit at these keys, bursting with song of desire?)

8 thoughts on “Young Woman Seated at the Virginals”

  1. I read this before I looked at the picture and, my goodness, what a perfect pairing! I love your beautiful phrases, especially the final stanza and in particular your use of “desire” – but that final line just flowed so smoothly and summed it up so aptly. It’s as though this was supposed to be written about the painting, or vice versa.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your positive words. I was thinking of submitting this to an online poetry mag–the prompt was ekphrastic poetry.


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