Hoping for the Homestead

There’s no need to settle—
ever migrating, we light
on a blossom song
until we’ve drunk our honey-fill:
apricot, linden, clover
and by the lakeside listening
for night music, we dream
of trails wending west and west

Inspired by Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts, “The Streets Where You Lived,” and including parts of names of several streets on which we’ve resided: apricot, linden, clover, lakeside, trail, west; with “night music” standing in for Mozartstrasse.

8 thoughts on “Hoping for the Homestead”

  1. “We dream of trails wending west and west.” Dreamy indeed! I like the dreamy way you capture your movements and travels, and your clever, subtle incorporation of street names is impressive! I’d love to try it myself but I’m not sure “Roxborough” lends itself to poetry…

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  2. Perhaps this will serve as your street address? Very nicely pulled together. I will say in my own defense, you have way better street names to work with than me — all local heroes well forgotten and numbers. Perhaps someday I will do something with them, but it would have to be comedy. 🙂

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    1. You guessed it. I hesitated to put my hoped-for (under contract, loan processing…) street name anywhere in fears of things falling apart. But poetically, it was irresistible.

      I think a comedic street-name poem would be fun to read!


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