would it bring you peace to discard
this entire hand of life? to draw again
as many years, breaths, fresh heartaches
theme-park rides? throw it all to the wind
that chaff-blows east from west; stretch
to that dark edge and dive into the wave
that crash-washes all trace of your salt-perfume

when you emerge gasping from the surf
it is a birth; when you emerge blinking
from the dirt-walled cellar, it is a birth
the prairie swept clean, coast swept clear—
even of your own black-cloud faults, beliefs
that you were the hurricane, tornado
lightning arcing from sea to earth to sky

draw again, draw again
see the garden dew-fresh, unflowered, full
only of possible-to-be

The NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 23 is to use a playing card for inspiration. I drew two cards from our Fluxx deck: Discard/Draw and Peace.  

15 thoughts on “Discard”

    1. I was kind of laughing at myself…this started with a free-writing exercise, and when I looked at what I had scribbled, I thought, gee, look at all that Bible stuff that comes out when you’re not thinking about it. 🙂
      Thanks for the read!

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  1. Bible stuff. It’s everywhere! As I have said before – this week – your hyphenated words are just excellent. So much added depth of meaning. I love this one. Like the social media prompt, it’s one you’ve inspired me to try…if only I can find the time.

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    1. Thanks very much. The Fluxx deck is fun–I don’t think I would have been able to do much with regular playing cards.


  2. This was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this. I’ve suffered from depression most of my life, I’ve felt what you describe. I loved the end, it was filled with hope and promise.

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