Hildegard’s Way

Marked by

light, shades, colors

death: fiery lightning flowed

and glowed, gift of vision leaping



The NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 21 was an erasure poem. I “erased” around these words from a booklet called Benedictine Abbey of St. Hildegard, which I picked up last weekend while hiking the “Rüdesheimer Hildegardweg.” 

2 thoughts on “Hildegard’s Way”

  1. This is beautiful! I’m impressed with what you can do with a brochure 🙂 I had all these ideas of doing the same with briefing notes when I returned to work…they’re just so dry and unpoetic though!

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    1. Thanks. I find them pretty difficult–I try too hard to make some kind of lyrical sense. I think the best ones find really unexpected combinations to give a feeling of discovery or surrealism. Maybe your briefing notes poems could be like that. 🙂

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