Benbulben Farm

Four hundred years at the edge of greenwild
knocking at your door, and four hundred years
the sheep beneath the looming hill—

This tourist curls up with cloud-damped
view of fields, road, sheep, hill
reading histories under family photos
trying to picture your forebears (dark
like you, welcoming strangers like you?)

A new-world child, I wonder how
it would feel—root-deep, settled
in more than skin and longings, in sun-rhythm
and ever-rain, elemental salt of your blood

Time tames some things and unbends others
but how does it sit or stir in the blood? After
four hundred years do you take this beauty
for granted or does it stun you anew every day?

Still processing our recent visit to Ireland. Our last night, we stayed at a lovely B&B near Drumcliff, at Benbulben Farm. This was our view from the breakfast room (!)

2015-04-02 Benbulben Farmhouse, Drumcliff (3)


7 thoughts on “Benbulben Farm

  1. Greenwild, cloud-damped, ever-rain – I love your use of words! This poem, even without the stunning photo (which makes me want more!) , is all green and rainy and wild. I don’t think even after 400 years one could take such breathtaking beauty for granted. Lovely tribute to a moment of nature-appreciation!

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    1. Thanks very much. I hope I’m not overdoing the rain/gray imagery…but it *was* a rainy trip. I’m glad the photos came out so green. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes, very lucky! The owner’s comment about her family being on that land for 400 years just astounded me.


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