At Yeats’ Grave

From the fragrant
tea-shop warm
to funeral still-life—
dark coats, umbrella-
shrouded natives
grouped murmuring
around the deep
clean-cut hole,
polite enough
not to stare
at the spring-green
raincoated tourist
One must pass
the church door
find the simple
gray slab, wait
for the hearse-driver
to turn away
toss his cigarette
ignore quick photo-
snapping—the green-coat’s
rain-soaked companions
anxious for the end
of this awkward

2015-04-01 WB Yeats’ grave, St. Columba churchyard, Drumcliff (2)


21 thoughts on “At Yeats’ Grave”

        1. Haha, I was going to make it my profile pic on FB but that was just before Easter, and I thought it might be a bit…inappropriate. Maybe I’ll change it now.

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  1. I’m so pleased you got to visit Yeats’ grave (I’m sure we were talking along these lines the last time I paid a visit). And, of course, you certainly needed rain – otherwise you would have been rather cheated of the authentic Irish experience 🙂

    But even though the overcast sky and rain has a gloomy feel,
    “the spring-green
    raincoated tourist”
    adds a dash of colour and (bedraggled) optimism. Because the reader sees the dark grave but knows the writing is still fresh and full of life.

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