Winter Travel

So you are here, too, Orion

aiming straight

at the sky’s height

but drifting

on a winter’s night

full moon at your head

snow-gleam silent

mountains at your back

(the first stars I knew

and the mountains

I only imagined)

Day 2 prompt for NaPoWriMo is a poem about stars. I’ve been fiddling with this one since a New Year’s trip to the French Alps.

18 thoughts on “Winter Travel”

    1. Thank you. I remember you had a lovely sky poem a few days ago. 🙂
      Stargazing always reminds me of childhood…my dad used to subscribe to Astronomy magazine. I bought H. A. Rey’s THE STARS for my own family a few years ago, so there you go.


    1. Thank you. I’ve been messing with this for awhile, and really only ended up liking the visual bits, not even sure if it was trying to say anything else.

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