Escape by hawk-flight

To seek

gold, love, sage, thyme;

to find you blue ribbons;

to leave drudge work and fight dragons:

my quest.

(I’ll choose

green paths, walk a year and a day

to where sword waits in stone—

mine to keep bright

in use.)


19 thoughts on “Escape by hawk-flight

    1. Thanks, Christine. I realized I was channeling Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Arthur stories (do you know them?)…and maybe a little Tennyson, Mort d’Arthur, Scarborough Fair…


  1. Tennyson, Arthur and Scarborough Fair – you write my favourites! “Gold, love sage thyme” is just sublime and I love the “year and a day” reference, too – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and all other Celtic-origin hero tales revisted. This is just wonderful!
    Every time I read one of your poems, it makes me want to go and write something…

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