You wrote

me notes, folded

as precise as your mind

laced with wild whiffs of hope, mown grass

spring sun


(Youth claims

those joys looking

forward—oh, uncertain—

the lemonade kiss of maybes

to come)


You wrote

Te quiero and

I translated loosely

too late (nothing preserves love but)

these words


This is my attempt at 3 linked cinquains for the March poetry slam at yeah write. And hey, this is my 150th poem on this blog!

25 thoughts on “1985”

  1. This made me remember the days of passing notes between Spanish class and Biology. I want to paint “the lemonade kiss of maybes” on the sides of buildings it is such a precise description.

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    1. It’s funny how certain long-buried memories just pop up sometimes. I’m glad you liked that line–I have been second-guessing that whole second stanza.


  2. Lovely. I particularly like that each cinquain is complete unto itself and then together they build something more. (Yes, I know I said that’s the rule but it’s the part I struggle with so I find it impressive)

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    1. Thanks for this poetry slam because for some reason I had not played with cinquains before. I enjoy that sense of distillation achieved by the rising and falling syllables.


  3. “Lemonade kiss of maybes” and passing notes. It really does take one back to those youthful days. Also, the use of cinquains was so well done I honestly did not realized you had used them when I first read it!

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