Hermit Practice

these hours alone, contemplating

life, and all that it is and isn’t

giving; the small chores, the silences

the singing; small prayers

as if my will is all that keeps you

going in your daily dealings

with the world


I read


that monk-sailors in skin curraghs

fled human evil (the days scarcely

after King Arthur), the world already too

full; sailing through whales and ice floes

to build huts like beehives, stone

cold and full of other languages:

patience, poverty, toil


I just finished reading and am still processing Tim Severin’s book The Brendan Voyage.

3 thoughts on “Hermit Practice”

  1. Hermit practice… mystical words… “I read” (I love how you have isolated this line) and the last line “patience, poverty, toil” – small prayers? I’m not sure. Noble ones! Beautiful and dense poem as ever 🙂

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  2. ”as if my will is all that keeps you/going in your daily dealings/with the world” Sigh!! Just love that. But what also works for me is the solitude in both stanzas, even though they are about such different kinds of actions. Nice job!

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