Fifteen Years

A frost-sparked garden path. Tragedy waits

around the corner, casual in sneakers and parka,

no ominous music or long shots of empty,

darkened streets. The sun shines; children laugh;

on the next block a house goes up with clap

and clatter, a future rising board by board.


Half your eternity away, snow threatens.

You’re thinking of Christmas, your unborn son.

This heart-dullness is an echo, a suspension,

a waiting. All falls and crashes sound fleece-thick

muffled but your daughter snuggles to your side

where you’re gazing out the window and asks you

what is wrong.



4 thoughts on “Fifteen Years

  1. “Half your eternity away, snow threatens”. Very moving poem, especially the second stanza. I thought some Hopper’s paintings could illustrate it perfectly, I don’t know why… for example one of my favorite

    Great work, as ever… thank you Jennifer!

    Liked by 1 person

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