Once upon a time

when we were star-crossed lovers, you wanted

to sit at the café beneath the old town walls

and eat and drink a beer. I wanted to climb

the old town walls and photograph the ruined

chapel and dream in the quiet green above

the Rhine. You wanted to have an ice cream

and I wanted to shop. You wanted to follow

the swans and take their photo and I wanted

to catch the boat. I wanted to watch the castles

glide sun-glinting by and you wanted to rest

in the shade. You wanted to make me happy.

At home, I wanted to kiss you but you slept.

I read a book, waiting for planets to re-align.



5 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. although this doesn’t apply to my marriage, it does apply to many long lost loves of mine. I loved it and felt it deep in my marrow.

    Very nice…sad but hopeful too. (The stars realigning and all)

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