Things to do in Tuscany

1. 900-year-old historical heart
a piano, soprano & tenor
profound fresco, unsurpassed views
lunch under the pergola in the garden

2. The Duomo façade has no true rival
you do not have to be a lover of opera
unassuming, quiet place to kneel in prayer
(the body remains buried in Rome)

3. Leaning tree growing out of its top
Europe’s first school of drawing
stone-mill discovery of the truth of faith
whose roots have grown below


Found poem sourced from Things to do in Florence, Things to do in Siena, Things to do in Lucca.

2 thoughts on “Things to do in Tuscany”

    1. It seemed the natural thing to do after researching myself into a stupor. 😉 I do love found poetry, though–such a good way of shaking up the brain.


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