If I were a better liar

I wouldn’t try to spare your feelings
I wouldn’t be here to please

I wouldn’t keep changing
my back story to suit me

I would talk to strangers
and be home in a crowded room

I’d give up the sea and appreciate
the beauty of underpass graffitti

I would like dogs and the idea
of caviar

I would buy into complacency
I’d punctuate my words with grace

I’d take even these bits of dandelion fluff,
stitch them into something so gorgeous

you’d believe

6 thoughts on “Revisions”

  1. “the beauty of underpass graffitti…”
    what a beautiful “exercise of sincerity” that leads me to a crucial question: do poets lie? inspiring question…
    you’ve taught me new word: fluff – both visually & semantically so interesting! Thank you Jennifer! “If I were a better liar”… mmm, I think you are one of the best 🙂


    1. Ah, Frédéric, thanks for that. You make me smile. I’m glad you like “fluff.” You know, I try to tell the truth…and then find I’ve changed from one moment to the next…

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