5 pm, Tuscan-dreaming

I yawn like a cat in balcony sun

or like the old lady I resemble

with my scarf-swathed head,

gold-buttoned sweater

humming to myself

after rain

I think I am almost ready

to claim these years that gather

on my hands, streak like morning

clouds through my hair

after all

Iā€™m taking tea on a tray

(with almonds), talking to roses

(because they know how to answer),

learning to appreciate low speed

and elegance, medieval church bells,

shawl-draped sunning as a genuine

pastime, perfection of a light breeze

down-mountain when the last page

is turned, the next book

beyond fetching

11 thoughts on “5 pm, Tuscan-dreaming”

  1. “Iā€™m taking tea on a tray
    (with almonds), talking to roses
    (because they know how to answer),
    learning to appreciate low speed
    and elegance…”
    your journey to Tuscany is awesome!
    I absolutely love the line in bracket
    because they know how to answer
    Magnifique! – oh, i should write it in italian too, MAGNIFICO! šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Thom. I have been fighting this whole getting older thing, but I’m sure there are some positives that go with it!


      1. I’ve noticed this theme in your work lately: reflective, melancholy on the cusp of hopeful. This is the year of a milestone birthday for me, so perhaps I’m more attuned to it. I’ll ask the roses what they think about that.


        1. Let me know what the roses tell you! Mine say, “It’s good. It’s all good. Enjoy the beauty while it’s here.”
          But seriously, thank you for this thoughtful and insightful comment. I don’t know which big birthday you are expecting…a few years ago, when I turned 39, I collected a list of 39 quotes about aging and wisdom that caught my fancy, reassured me, inspired me. I’ll track down the links to my old blog if you’re interested.


  2. I’m really loving your reflection on this. “…to appreciate low-speed and elegance…” it’s quite a tranquil thought, the whole a beautiful portrait of acceptance. “…morning clouds that streak through my hair…” it’s for those days when I find a white one and think…”today, I’m not pulling it out, I’m leaving it be.” Thank you, Jennifer, it’s really lovely.


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