22 thoughts on “511 mph, WNW”

    1. Just a bit of befuddlement on my part, trying to board a flight at 6 am. That’s when they ask the tough questions. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Renada. I do sometimes have to remind myself to look at the wonder and excitement of it all–especially when going through passport control!


  1. ‘I don’t work… I dream’ – what a wonderful concept, and definitely apt for a writer. Great contrast between the formal opening and ethereal end.


  2. Jennifer, I’m usually not that into poetry but was so swept up in your words I couldn’t stop reading. I was right there with you, needing to board that plane. Beautiful and thank you.


  3. I think the whole last section of this poem is wonderful – it seems to resonate with optimism and opportunity:
    “to the plane laden
    with oceans
    and centuries
    of vision


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