Too Often, Fear

Our theory of reason shot
from the sky, assaulted
on the street, flattened,
drowned, mud-slimed

We demand pattern
in the random,
news-desk explanations
of humanity’s implosion

as if

this could keep us safe

We barricade minds
and hearts, lulled
by deafening


22 thoughts on “Too Often, Fear”

      1. “Shot out of the sky”… Yea I guess the news aren’t too good lately are they? I read and comment on this amazing post with a calm, cold look on my face, one that usually accompanies my cynical side. Congrats on implementing the post. That last line/word is all too powerful. Where did the signal go…?


    1. Thanks, Michelle. This one was hard to write, though the “frequency” references were the fun part.


  1. I thought some of your word choices here were just perfect, really evocative – “mud-slimed,” “news-desk explanations,” “static.” It made for a powerful read.


    1. Oh, thanks, what a great thing to say! I really appreciate that you saw some craftsmanship. 🙂


  2. As ever, this is deeply haunting, Jennifer. The sense of futility lingers on after reading. That first line is especially powerful, ending in “shot,” but the thought continuing to the next line. Well done.


    1. Futility–yes. I’m glad you liked that line break. I was hoping it didn’t come off as being too obvious. (The things I worry about, haha.)


  3. This left me with the question “What are you going to do about it?” lingering over me. Your choice of leaving single word lines was powerful. And your concise point cuts through all the white noise out there.


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