we fail in this old world,

directionless without such a

star as leads wise men

to new enlightenment


our emptiness yawns black

in a night that never grows

dark enough to see,

or quiet, still




we find our hands pinched

by cold, hunger, grasping

for hope, peace passing

our understanding


to strip away all the trappings

of the heart, find that fragment

beacon lodged with a word

awaiting life-giving breath


4 thoughts on “Searching”

  1. Wow! Yes, searching, learning and finding! yes, “we fail in this word”, and failures are THE best way to learn, and yes, at the end we “find that fragment / beacon lodged with a word /awaiting life-giving breath”! I love this poem Jennifer, in a way, it’s a mystery of Life revealed! And the word “yearning”, isolated, appears obvious, meaningful and resplendent! Thank you! And have a nice week-end 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for your always kind and generous readings and comments. I hope you are having a lovely weekend, too!


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