You seek flowers

Here, see: cupped in my hands

the last of them—spice-scented,

thousand-petaled, gold—

believe me


Friend, the world has gone

dust-dry, apostate

but I have a spring,

winter-heart hidden


These are the bloom

of all our life’s fruit,

watered, deep-rooted:

have them


29 thoughts on “You seek flowers”

  1. I do believe you Jennifer 🙂 Have a nice Sunday. Cheers from green and quiet city of Bremen (Germany, possible “weltmeister”…)


    1. Thanks for reading. I took such a long time deciding whether to use that comma after “spring.” 🙂


    1. Hi, no right or wrong here–I like your interpretation! I was thinking of how the gifts of the heart are both flower and fruit, definitely. Thanks for reading!


  2. “These are the bloom

    of all our life’s fruit,

    watered, deep-rooted:

    have them”

    I love that. It’s so inviting, generous, and hopeful!

    I need to try a happier piece one of these days! lol


    1. Oh, thanks for “inviting.” I think there are lots of ways of getting at happy…sometimes through darker places. So you know, my friends used to call me Mary Sunshine…


  3. You have such a poet’s heart that rings through so loud and clear. I’ve often said that I’m not sophisticated to fully understand poetry, but yours always speaks to me. Loved this! xo


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