July Rain

calendar runs counter:

july to march like peeling

back a sunburn fresh skin

of cold wind, rain


is set-up for contemplation:

all the open-windowed

vantages versus walking

in cold wind, rain


how clouds rise in steam

from hills gray and yet green

blooms embracing mystery

of sleepy season recalled


turn of the year like dry earth



6 thoughts on “July Rain”

  1. I’m amazed Jennifer…I love the way you write about elements, wind, rain, sun and earth. And the lines “how clouds rise in steam, from hills gray and yet green”, you see, it makes me realize my own imits as a non native speaker. I’ll never be able to write in such a rich, dense and flowing style. At least, reading your wonderful poems may help me 🙂 Have a nice day.


    1. Oh, first of all, you create much beauty with your non-native language. 🙂 I can scarcely put together a coherent sentence in any of the languages I’ve tried to learn, much less make poetry in them! Thank you for your comment on this rainy, gray day!


    1. Well, your comment absolutely made my day, if not the whole week. Thank you for the encouragement, I truly appreciate it!


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