July Hours


                        in the peasant month

the pleasant month casting shadow

down the barefoot baked-grain fields

ripening for scything absorbing red

heat in every cell

                                   clove-scent gives

back in thundercloud warm rain

ripe as corn-gold hair (inner green girl



Inspired by this page of the Huth Hours 15th-century manuscript, which I found on the British Library’s always fascinating Medieval Manuscripts blog AND by my window-box dianthus, aka gillyflowers (July flowers).


3 thoughts on “July Hours

    1. Thank you for the link–these are gorgeous! In English, we call them illuminated manuscripts. I like “Enluminures!”


      1. I’m glad you liked Jennifer. Yes, “enluminures” sounds nice, even more pronounced with an English or American accent 🙂 Have a nice week.


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