Siren Song No. 2

“When did you know you were lost?”

he asked. And I said, Is it wrong to feel

my life’s work is a vacation? Have I

succumbed to worldly temptation?

Once I thought I could spend my whole

life in endless farmland, open

prairie I knew like the back of my hand

and the flock (barring the occasional

black sheep) was mostly of a type—

familiar gifts, familiar sins. Then

I got the Call and found myself

here, all Europe at my feet: London,

Paris, Rome, beaches, mountains,

and my home overlooks a vineyard.

The wine is red and good. God help me

sometimes I feel I shut my ears

to all else, will be unable to hear

even the still, small voice,

the amazing grace.



39 thoughts on “Siren Song No. 2

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed. Usually when I first read these prompts, I think, yikes, I got nothin’. But then they percolate…
      You must be up early?! Or up late??


  1. I agree with Jetgirlcos and love the first line/question and the last sentence.
    God help me
    sometimes I feel I shut my ears
    to all else, will be unable to hear
    even the still, small voice,
    the amazing grace.
    Thank you Jennifer!


  2. This is perfectly beautiful. It’s warm and welcoming–like buttery caramel and coffee. That’s probably an odd metaphor…but, it’s what comes to mind when I read something I really like and want to savor.
    I can’t wait to read Siren Song No. 1!


      1. Ha. 🙂 I’ll be right over. 😉 (just kidding, though I’d really like to live in Germany like you.) 🙂


  3. You have a multitude of emotions working together here, and they are all easily accessible to the reader. We never forget where we grew up, even if we move thousands of miles away, do we?


  4. I really like the musical, rhythmic quality of your writing – it carries the reader along. Btw I’m intrigued as to what “the Call” was. Is that explained in another poem?


    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I was thinking of our pastor over here, and his “Divine Call” to serve in the church…that’s why I went with the capital C (but have been second-guessing my choice every time I read this again. It kinda sticks out?).


      1. Oh no, the capitalisation underlines its significance, that’s all, which is why I wondered about it – could be a divine call, or love, family, vocation, etc. I think the capital C makes it clear that a single, particular event is being referred to and so is entirely justified.


  5. So beautiful — guilt, joy, temptation in between the lines. You are such a good poet, Jennifer. I don’t think you should second guess the Call — it was a signal for me, anyway.


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