Siren Song No. 1

In the wake of Odysseus

tide-washed smooth skin

soft sleek hair unbound

a singer and you’ve known

the words. The horizon

is empty all rocks submerged

nothing for it but to sail

into her arms and never

question (a gift horse, regret).


44 thoughts on “Siren Song No. 1”

  1. Nice to know this beautiful siren song is the number one… I’m looking forward to reading the following ones 🙂 Have a nice Sunday!


    1. Thank you. It’s sometimes challenging, sometimes fun (sometimes both) to work with the baggage that comes with certain words or phrases.


    1. Oh, nice read! Easier to submit than to fight…Now I have the Crowded House song “Into Temptation” playing in my head.


  2. There is danger here. I sense it. I know it. The lure of the siren is strong though so I am sure that my warnings will go unheeded. Turn the boat around.
    Very nicely written – love the reference to Odysseus.


    1. Ha, yes…turn the boat around, and watch out for those submerged rocks…thanks for liking Odysseus. He was lurking in my mind, can’t remember why.


  3. I especially like the line “a singer and you’ve known the words.” It got me thinking about how we do know all about the things that most tempt us, yet we still can’t always resist them.


  4. You have such a great ear for words, Jennifer. This is subtly lilting, just like a tide coming in. I especially admire this:

    a singer and you’ve known
    the words.


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