Laws of Nature

It is irresistible, this impulse to seek

the flaw in the diamond. I must discover

and tell anew that the first day of summer

is but first of long fall to darkling end.

It is the (s)matter of gray caught in corner-

eyed mirror, debate whether to get up

of a sunny morn (for the heat seeds

its own raincloud), sudden insight that I was

this child only summers ago and now

this child (long ago relinquished to earth’s

spinnings and cunning traps) is the sought-

for fruiting. How we give way to the bud

when we thought only to blossom.

We shrivel, all energy spent in the making.


5 thoughts on “Laws of Nature”

  1. Wow. This is so gorgeous, Jennifer. I especially love this line:
    It is the (s)matter of gray caught in corner-

    eyed mirror,


  2. Such a much more poignant reflection than mine (which was at least a little comical). Very beautiful. “How we give way to the bud/when we thought only to blossom” breaks my heart.


    1. Thank you, Jenifer. Double thanks…I had the start of this last night, but when I read your poem today, something clicked!


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