Moorish Influence

I would leave this northern cool-clime,

find an antidote to delicate rose summer

nights that shiver still under the moon…


Give me a land of gold heat-shimmer, blaze-

blue sky and silent afternoons, reflecting

pools below pierced and carven screens,

ceramic tiles that mesmerize in endless

whorls of red, yellow, green. White walls

in sun-glare and hidden shady doors

drape themselves in bougainvillea

and lounging cats while inside I luxuriate

in striped silk cushions and spicy scents,

silver pot and mint tea. A mosaic fountain

plashes in the courtyard. The day releases

skin-scent; stars expand and breathe.


Inspired by dVerse, Around the World!

30 thoughts on “Moorish Influence”

    1. Well, I grew up in TX but have been trying to escape the heat ever since…don’t ask me why I went “here,” except maybe I’m just getting to that age… 😉


    1. The mistake I made was to go to La Alhambra in late February…the one day of our Spanish vacation that wasn’t sunny, and it was pouring rain and absolutely COLD. Still, an amazing sight, and the rest of our time in Andalusia was beautiful weather.


  1. It sounds delicious! I have heard that Andalusia is “the place” to go in Spain. It’s on my list, especially after that beautiful and poetic description!


    1. We loved it, one of our favorite trips so far. A little bit of hills, a little bit of beaches, lots of sun.


    1. I’d love to go to Morocco as well…my husband was there for business and brought me a little book full of gorgeous pictures…


  2. This journey of yours was languid, sensual, & delicious; but around the edges I breathed the dust, swatted the flies, smelled unpleasant odors; you really transported me with this one; thanks.


    1. Smiling…all the things they don’t mention in the travel brochures, right? but part of the glorious package.


    1. Definitely, if you get the chance! We only saw a little slice of Andalusia, but I’d go back in a heartbeat.


    1. 😀 I started out thinking of Spain, then mixed in a little Morocco. Totally doable in one fabulous trip!


  3. Oh Jen, this is chock full of good stuff! I absolutely love, “rose summer nights that shiver still under the moon”; and “land of gold heat-shimmer”. “Blaze blue sky” is very unique, love it–and oh I love, “reflecting pools”…and the bougainvillea and spicy scents, mosaic fountain. Chock full, this!


    1. 🙂 I did get pretty excited about this prompt. Thank you for your sweet words, I’m glad you liked it!


  4. I’ll take your warm days and cool chill nights, thank you very much; and while Texas could never give you the scents, and sensuousness you describe – you’ll find it plenty steamy, ok. We could talk about a trade – hey!

    Really, I loved it. You built a beautiful dream with real-life images. Well done!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, and for your offer to trade! 🙂 I have a feeling that one of these days we’ll find ourselves back home in the Lone Star State…


    1. Spanish cottage with olive groves, orange trees, lemon trees…loads of bright flowers cascading around the doorway…and daily siestas…yep, I’m with your wife! 🙂


  5. I sense a Moorish theme here… I haven’t yet been to the Alhambra, but it is on my list. Although I would hate it to be too hot… You really took me off on a journey with your descriptions here – sensuous and hypnotic work!


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