Alternate Trains

A long look

down short

track or short

glance down

long track

looking longingly

for one train

out of town

curving sharp

around farmland

having tunneled

through hard hills…

The empty car

is better seat-

silence sun

slanting against

glass so you see

not only waving

grain in fields

(broad flat-

horizoned view)

but your own

reflection heavy-

eyed age-lined…

No. You want

the fast train

to the city

at night lights

dim beyond

drinks car

view starry


open like

a dream


in the rhythmic

bump of tracks

someone’s sleep-

deep breathing

and slowly



that sings

your future


9 thoughts on “Alternate Trains”

  1. Jennifer I enjoyed this very much, short lines makes it so rhrythmic! I’m writing a poem with short lines, it’ a coincidence.I absolutely adore the last five lines. Merci pour ta puissante et inspirée poésie!


    1. Thanks! I saw a photo of empty train tracks and started thinking of all the trains I’d been on…wasn’t really sure if the structure would work.


  2. WOW, it really felt like I was riding along, as I read. Wonderfully well done. “Twinkle that sings your future” is definitely a keeper–love that phrase!


    1. Oh, I’m glad you liked it…I just thought I’d try to make it look more like train tracks, but then with the shorter lines I decided to toss out punctuation, too! 🙂


        1. Haha, it’s not you, the visual part didn’t really work the way I wanted. This one may be up for further work on another day.


          1. This is why I don’t gravitate toward poetry that’s written in “shapes”–I’m too involved inside the words, to notice. Maybe it’s a left-, right-side brain thing, I don’t know.


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