Joyful Noises

Just when I had grown used to silences

out comes sheet music from dusty binder sleeve.

Yesterday’s corded tensions

fall, unstrung, as heart-lightly I

unwittingly hum ‘Shave and a Haircut’ and ‘Let It Go.’

Long after the keyboard closes, joy echoes on.

36 thoughts on “Joyful Noises”

  1. Love the “dusty binder sleeve”…reminds me of straightening up the bookshelves and finding one of those sleeves. I went over to the piano and got lost in playing through the sheet music inside and found that a whole afternoon had gone… 🙂


    1. We had a musical weekend…my younger daughter is learning ‘Let It Go,’ and my son is designing a video game with a soundtrack of classical piano. They get out of school Wed…the house will not be quiet for awhile! Guess I’d better get my playing time in now.


        1. Haha, me too–especially in prose. Sometimes I look back over paragraphs and cringe. But they are just so lovely and useful!


    1. Oh, thanks so much. My other Disney theme song: “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it…”


  2. aww we have my family’s old piano in the living room.. the kids won’t let me play it. As soon as I sit down they run over and start pounding on the keys. So I let them pound. ha ha One day I’ll have a turn. 🙂 I enjoyed this one!


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