Grace Speaking

To love is to act

open-armed, unafraid:

water cup, prison visit,

compassion for all who live

(freely receive, freely give).


Sufferings bind, grind down,

but hope burns steady

in darkness. Soon the broken

will be whole in every part

(head, body, heart).


46 thoughts on “Grace Speaking”

  1. I also love the four words, “water cup, prison visit,” something about them really stood out and grabbed me. Lovely piece!


  2. “to love it to act”
    so much power and tenderness and spirit in those words.

    What a beautiful take on the prompt. I am sighing with watery eyes.


  3. As ever, your words are perfectly placed…I, too, am especially fond of “water cup, prison visit.” So much said about grace and with such tenderness. Gorgeous, Jennifer.


  4. Your poetry always elicits celestial scenes in my head. I think in this work it’s the redemption of the ‘broken’ in the second stanza. Gorgeous work, yet again.


  5. Gorgeous! And so full of light. And grace, of course. I love the examples you give – water cup, prison visit. That line grounds the piece in the real world. Very, very nice response to the prompt. Thanks for linking it up!


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